European Pilot Selection & Training (EPST) provides a complete ab-initio pilot training program with the intention to succesfully place you with an international airline!


European Pilot Selection & Training (EPST) is thé trainer of airline pilots in the Netherlands. EPST provides a complete ab-initio pilot training program. After successful completion of the program, EPST will provide support to successful graduates until a first pilot job has been obtained with one of the major airlines. EPST is an EASA approved ATO (NL-ATO-37) and EASA-STD operator.

The EPST training program is an EASA integrated course at Aero Locarno in Switzerland.

EPST presentation evenings

EPST organizes special presentation meetings for future students and their parents, at least once a month on a Monday evening. Our Managing Director, mister Eric Duijkers, will tell you all about the selection process, the selection criteria, the differences between all the EPST training programs and of course about your future job opportunities. Just click on the registration button, fill in your personal details and we will send you a confirmation e-mail a.s.a.p. Looking forward to meeting you at one of the presentation evenings.

Aero Locarno in Switzerland

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The EPST Selection Process

Excellent motivation and enthusiasm;
Academic level to be able to complete the intense training program;
Spacial orientation;
Team skills;
Excellent communication skills;
Stress resistance;
Excellent hand-eye coordination;
Attention for details;
Technical insight;

Characteristics of a good pilot

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  • Candidates need to have a so-called HAVO-diploma (secondary education) with mathematics and English. Preferably they also have had physics. MBO students are not allowed to participate in the EPST selection.
  • Candidates need to be minimum 18 years old, there is no age limit.
  • Candidates are allowed to wear glasses or lenses. For further information please contact the Aeromedical Expert Centre in Bosschenhoofd. Candidates can’t be color blind.
  • Body measurements: Global Aviation/OSM Aviation Academy/Aero Locarno: length between 1.57 and 1.85 m; a Body-Mass-Index (BMI) which is not Overweight or Underweight according to the UK NHS BMI (18-24). If the candidates do not match these criteria, please contact airport Lelystad to see if the candidate will fit into an airplane used for training in Greece/Norway/Switzerland.

COMPASS™ consists of six tests which have been developed to test some of the key aptitude areas for the pilot profession. Flying experience is not required to perform well in the tests.

COMPASS™ is a product of European Pilot Selection & Training (EPST). It is EPST’s experience (together with its world-wide clients with over 17.000 tests performed with this product) that a combination of COMPASS™ and a simulator assessment prior to training virtually reduces flying training failures to near zero. We at EPST had no flying training failure since the introduction of these elements in our selection.

Candidates who are interested in becoming a pilot can contact EPST to make an appointment (030-2383232) to do the COMPASS™  test. It will take approximately 2 hours.

To be able to do the test, the candidates need to:
– be minimum 16 years old;
– bring a passport or id card;
– pay € 50,- for the COMPASS™ test.

The test includes:

A compensation task looking at basic hand/foot/eye co-ordination.

A tracking task looking at hand/eye co-ordination.

A test of basic applied mathematical understanding and speed.

Accuracy of short-term memory recall and ability to ‘chunk’ information.

A test of the candidate’s ability to scan the screen and manage two concurrent tasks accurately and quickly.

Instrument interpretation, comprehension and spatial orientation.

COMPASS™ Copyright is owned by European Pilot Selection & Training (EPST) and is part of the EPST Selection Process.

In order to participate in the EPST training program a comprehensive selection procedure has to be successfully completed. We are of the opinion that this element of our program is of vital importance as the basis to provide you with the confidence for your career as a pilot and the investment you have to make in order to accomplish this.

Phase 1:

This phase consist of our COMPASS™ (aptitude) test, a personality assessment test, Aviation English test and a technical comprehension test. This selection phase is individual and can be made after telephone appointment. In order to do this test, please call the EPST Office to make an appointment (+31-30-2383232). All candidates have to show a photo ID prior to this test. The duration of the test is about three (3) hours. The results will be available at the end of the test and will be discussed with the candidate. We expect candidates to be able to do the phase 1 selection in the afternoon of the arrival date and do phase 2 the next day (phase 3 is the third day). You will only be invited for phase 2 if the results of phase 1 are sufficient to EPST.

Costs: € 250,-*

The Phase 1 selection is valid for only one (1) year.


After you completed phase 3 an evaluation is made by the selection team on all aspects of your selection and a final decision is made by EPST.

Phase 2:

In this phase of the EPST selection process, you will be invited to participate in a simulator evaluation assessment. After a short briefing, you will be asked to perform some basic exercises on the simulator during which the instructors would like to see such characteristics as your ability to handle an aircraft (coordination), your capacity, your learning curve, stress, accuracy in following instructions and many more aspects. No previous flying experience of any kind is required to pass this phase successfully.

Costs: included

Phase 3:

This selection phase is a full day. The objectives of this day is to give you an opportunity to present yourself to the selection team. In addition there will be a number of group exercises, an interview and some additional academic tests. This phase 3 day will take all day and you will be one of several candidates invited for that day. In the case you fail this selection day, you will be provided feedback so that you (at least) have some benefits of the experience.

Costs: included

The Phase 3 selection is valid for only one (1) year and can only be done two times. Prior to the second time, the phase 1 and 2 selection have to be done again.


In the case no medical selection has been done, candidates will have to do a Class One medical with one of the EASA approved medical centers. Normally this is done in the country you live. EPST can be of assistance to organize this selection. Without this medical certificate a candidate cannot start the flying training program and in the case one fails this selection all other selection phases of EPST become invalid. The result of the medical selection will be mailed to the candidate directly. Costs will be at the students own expense. EPST will run the selection on consecutive days for candidates outside the Netherlands in order to save travel cost etc. Please contact the EPST Office for specific EPST selection days. In case any of the selection phases is unsuccessful, that selection phase can be done again. Only one retake is allowed.

* The above selection fee is inclusive of VAT


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The Aero Locarno training and selection costs consist of:

€ 250,- selection costs. A medical will cost ± € 425,- excl. VAT, if done at AEC in Bosschenhoofd.

The Aero Locarno training program costs € 95.000,- excl. € 2.500,– for the EPST Guarantee. This means that EPST B.V. will act as guarantor in the case of a training failure for its EPST pilot training program students.

As such, EPST B.V. will repay the training fees paid to EPST to the EPST student. The repayment of the paid training fees will take place in the case the student will be removed from training due to lack of ability to obtain or maintain the EPST training standards. This repayment commitment is not applicable if the failure is clearly due to the actions or omissions that are the student’s own responsibility. The guarantee is applicable once the payment to obtain this guarantee (€ 2.500,-) has been received by EPST.

Materials and services included:

  • Accountmanager and Customer Service;
  • Training Tutor;
  • VFR Chart;
  • IFRT Chart;
  • Plotter IFR;
  • Plotter VFR;
  • CRP-5 (flight Computer);
  • EASA ATPL Books (EASA) in digital format: PadPilot;
  • Multi-Engine Piston Manual;
  • IFR Manual;
  • Jeppesen Student Chart Manual;
  • Tablet (you can also decide to install the applications on your personal tablet/iPad);
  • Headsets (rented free of charge from the school);
  • Aviation calculator;
  • Flying Training Manual – Air Pilot’s Manual;
  • ATPL Exam Databank (12 months access);
  • Full uniform set (2 Long sleeve shirts, 2 polos, 1 tie, 1 pair of trousers, 1 jersey, first pair of epaulets);
  • Log book opening and authentication;
  • Flight exam fees (1st attempt);
  • License issuing;
  • 14 CAA official theory exams (1st attempt);
  • 18 Months accommodation in single or shared room (double occupancy) in apartment 10 minutes away from the airport; including:
  1. WI-FI;
  2. Cable TV;
  3. Access to Restaurant, Bar & lounge and Self-Catering areas;
  4. Water and electricity normal usage included.


Examples of services not includes (can be provided optionally):

  • Personal laundry;
  • Personal transport;
  • Health insurance;
  • English Aviation Training;
  • Repetition of exams failed or with no shows;
  • Repetition of theory lessons due to student’s unjustified absence;
  • Repetition of flight lessons due to student’s lack of knowledge or unjustified absence;
  • Extra accommodation;
  • EASA Medical Certificate (cost will depend on student’s clinic exams performed).


Training syllabus EPST/Aero Locarno Airline Training Program (Basic and Advanced training):



Training Hours

Weeks (off period included)

ATPL(A) Theoretical Knowledge Training (CBT and Classroom)

840 Hours


Single Engine Piston Aircraft (C152/172/DA40) Flight Training & Testing

119 Hours




Multi Engine Piston Aircraft (DA42) Flight Training & Testing

CPL IR Skills Test

24 Hours

Synthetic Flight Training FNPTII – Instrumental Ground Time

40 Hours

Boeing 737-800 Airline Jet Foundation Course (AJFC) incl. MCC at EPST

48 Hours



The above is for information only and is subject to change. As such no rights can be derived from this data.



This Airline Jet Foundation Course (AJFC) course is the EPST “Bridge Course” or Jet Orientation Course (JOC) including a MCC certificate, which is proving so successful for our students and the key to success in the airline grading and Type Rating. The AJFC has now been adjusted to meet current airline demands and the preparation required to be able to complete a Jet Type Rating with good results. EPST students who have completed this course have all successfully completed their Type Rating and are now flying with a UK or other international airline.

It is the quality of our selection as well as this AJFC which makes the difference between EPST and other students. We train to airline ready First Officer standard.

The objective of the AJFC is to prepare low hour commercial pilot licence holders, who have not flown jet aircraft, for their initial airline type conversion course.

After course completion EPST students have succesfully completed their typerating and our now flying for major European airlines.

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